Another few years have slipped by. And today I am filled with hope. Not that I have been without, but this is special. Am I really going to get another chance?


I have been so busy with everything I am doing to keep my life on track that I had not returned here in months, not stayed current with LiveJournal - I had even assumed I had been dropped as a member.

And then OUT OF THE BLUE comes an email from stwolf and I feel guilty that I had staked a claim to the SteppenWolf identity and let it lie fallow. And even more ironically, this nudge comes from Lithuania. Wow.

Sorry stwolf. I will try and do my and your spirit justice. I first read Hesse more than 25 years ago and realised then that I was SteppenWolf. Even more ironically, I had just finished emailing a good fiend in Hawaii and was telling her that the Steppenwolf pricipal can also be applied to her loneliness (not time to explain now what I mean - really need to get a shower and some sleep) when I found your email.

Thanks, stwolf. Peace.

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So now I have an online journal. So many years have passed since I last tried to set my thoughts down in words - will I keep this updated with any regularity?

With all that is going on in my life right now, maybe this will help me find my center again. It seems kind of strange, though - sending personal thoughts off into the ether....